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Which brand do Illinois residents hate the most?


Most of the people in our building that I asked this question had a brand name that they just can’t stand that immediately comes to mind. Interestingly, none of them named the brand the Illinois, according to a new study, hate more than everyone else.

I have heard names like Walmart, Target, Amazon, and Starbucks. No, none of these is the answer.

A review website used an interesting formula to present its findings

RaveReviews.org decided to take a look at the brands that not only Illinois hate, but also brands that the United States and the world hate. To reach their conclusions, they used Twitter, and the number of negative tweets received by major brands:

RAVE Reviews used the SentiStrength search tool to assess over 1 million brand-related tweets looking for positive or negative content. We calculated the hate rate (% of negative tweets) and categorized brands by location and category to find the most hated brands in each country. We used Google Keyword Planner to compile a list of 100 of the world’s top brands based on search volume. Then we grabbed everyone’s mentions on Twitter and rated the most hateful brands.

Before you get to Illinois’ most hated brand, what is the most hated brand in the world?

Sony. According to the RaveReview study, the biggest, most hated brand on Earth is hated in 10 countries around the world.

The most hated brand in the US is also the most hated brand in the UK, with almost 50% of tweets about them being negative:

Illinois’ most hated brand is apparently real foot pain

When Joe Dredge and I discussed this study this morning, we were stunned to say the least that Illinois’ most hated brand is …

That’s right, Lego, a Danish toy company seems to be really annoying us here in Illinois, with 56.45% of Lego tweets being negative. The Illinoisians’ biggest complaints about Lego are missing parts, a price range, and yes … walking barefoot in the middle of the night.

Click here to read the full Most Hated Brands study. Wait and see what Wisconsin hates!

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