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Wondershare UniConverter: One Tool for All Your Audio/Video Editing Needs


Audio/video editing is often perceived as a complex task. Whether you’re converting clips, adding special effects, or compressing them, you’ll find it difficult unless you have the right tools.

IMAGE: Wondershare

This is where Wondershare UniConverter comes in. It’s an all-in-one audio/video editing tool that lets you convert, edit, merge, or compress audio/video files, among other things, quickly and easily. And as part of its recent update – UniConverter 14 – it now includes some advanced AI features such as noise removal, voice removera smart trim and many more to help you with other audio/video manipulation needs.

So, if your job involves editing a lot of audio/video clips and you are looking for a tool to simplify tasks like removing vocals from audio clips, Wondershare UniConverter can be a useful addition to your arsenal. Follow along as we explore UniConverter and show you how you can use it to remove vocals from songs.

What is Wondershare UniConverter?

Wondershare UniConverter is an all-in-one toolkit for all your audio and video editing needs. It comes with a wide range of utilities like converter, editor, compressor, merge, screen recorder, etc. It has a fairly easy-to-use interface that simplifies most audio/video manipulations.

Moreover, Wondershare also bundles some additional utilities in UniConverter. These include a GIF maker, CD burner, DVD burner, and image converter, to name a few. However, what really separates Wondershare UniConverter from other audio/video manipulation tools is its inclusion of AI utilities, such as noise remover, voice remover, subtitle editor and auto-crop, which take care of all the heavy lifting behind such tasks and require very little or no effort on your part.

How to remove vocals from a song with Wondershare UniConverter

A song with a rich voice is engaging and fun to listen to most of the time. However, there may be times when you just want to play the background music to a song (perhaps because it’s karaoke night) or use the melody in a video.

Wondershare UniConverter comes with a tool to help you. It’s called Vocal Remover, and it lets you remove vocals from a song with just a few clicks.

To use it, first download Wondershare UniConverter on your Mac or Windows PC from the link below and install it.

To download: Wondershare UniConverter (Mac | the Windows)

Once installed, follow the steps below to remove vocals from a song in UniConverter:

  1. Launch Wondershare UniConverter and select voice suppressor below AI lab.
    uniconverter voice removal option
  2. Click on the Add or drag an audio/video file to get started button. When this brings up the file explorer, select the file you want to remove vocals from and press Load.
    upload files to uniconverter
  3. Once the file is loaded into UnivConverter, Vocal Remover will analyze it automatically. Once the analysis is complete, you will get two tracks: one with just vocals and the other without vocals.
    uniconverter voice analyzer
  4. Hit it Export next to the track that only contains the vocals to save it to your computer.
    export voice clip in uniconverter

By default, UniConverter saves the audio clip in the voice suppressor folder in your file system. However, if you want to save it somewhere else, click the folder icon next to File location and choose your preferred location before hitting Export in step 4.

What are the other features of Wondershare UniConverter?

Besides making it easy to remove vocals from songs, Wondershare UniConverter can also help you with several other operations, thanks to the inclusion of various other utilities. Here is a list of some of the other useful features of UniConverter that you may find useful:

1. Convert videos

Wondershare UniConverter has a built-in video converter utility to help you convert videos with just a few clicks. This video converter supports over 1000 video/audio formats, including videos shot in 4K, 8K and HDR. Moreover, with the UniConverter 14 update, you also get support for GPU acceleration, which provides up to 50% faster conversion speeds compared to the previous version.

Moreover, Wondershare Video Converter also offers some advantages over other video converters, such as the ability to convert multiple media files at once and convert videos based on the device, which can be very useful.

2. Compress Videos

If you deal with many audio/video files, there may be times when you want to compress an audio/video file, for example to send it by e-mail, share it on social networks or simply store it on a device with a space limited storage. .

Wondershare UniConverter includes a video compressor that lets you do this easily. It simplifies compressing videos and gives you options of compression quality and file size, which you can choose according to your needs to get the compressed file you want.

3. Play videos

Besides helping you manipulate audio and video files on your computer, Wondershare UniConverter also lets you play them. For that, it offers you an inbuilt video player that supports up to 8K videos in 1000+ formats, which you can use to play videos instantly without any hassle.

Moreover, the player also allows you to change subtitles or change audio track (if the original clip contains it), according to your needs. And you can even play videos at different speeds and take screenshots to capture interesting moments in a clip.

Wondershare UniConverter Packages

Wondershare UniConverter is a paid tool. It offers several plans to meet the needs of different people. These plans are classified as People, Team & Companyand Educationand their price is different for Mac and Windows versions.

Here is a breakdown of the People plan, which is what most individuals would opt for:

  • Monthly plan: $19.99/month (Mac) $29.99/month (Windows)
  • Plan of the quarter: $39.99/month (Mac) $39.99/month (Windows)
  • Annual plan: $59.99/month (Mac) $59.99/month (Windows)

Moreover, Wondershare also offers a free trial for you to test the tool before opting for a subscription. Of course, this trial limits access to many features and has several restrictions in place to limit your usage, so you’ll need to upgrade to use it to its full potential.

Simplified audio/video editing operations

Wondershare is a popular software company that offers solutions for various needs ranging from data recovery and device management to audio, video and content editing. The UniConverter is one of its many popular tools, which streamlines audio/video editing operations to save you the time and effort of doing them manually.

And with the latest update, UniConverter 14, Wondershare incorporates various AI features that further expand its capabilities. So now, in addition to converting, compressing and editing videos, you can also use UniConverter to remove vocals from songs, remove background, edit subtitles and remove noise from audio/video clips quickly and effortlessly. effort.