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Yomawari 3 will receive an exclusive limited edition, characters and gameplay features revealed


Nippon Ichi Software, developer of the horror series Yomawari, recently revealed new information for the upcoming sequel, Yomawari 3, and it covers quite a few important aspects of the game.

Developers (via Gematsu) shared details regarding some key elements of the upcoming entry. To begin, the four main characters of the game are introduced, namely the protagonist, who is in search of the memories necessary to break the curse placed on him. The protagonist is customizable and each player can change their hairstyle and accessories to make them distinct.

Besides the protagonist, three other characters are introduced, including a girl in the protagonist’s memories, the protagonist’s cat, called Mugi, and the supposed human-faced bird called “Kotori”.

Gameplay features are also shared. If the protagonist picks up something they used, it allows them to recall the memories associated with that tool. For example, picking up a pencil found in the protagonist’s house will share a forgotten memory associated with the pencil from the past.

Lost items can also be discovered using a flashlight, and each item found can help explore the city at night. Each item picked up while using the flashlight varies in its use, such a pebble tattoo can help distract ghosts wandering the town, or a coin that can be donated to the local jizo statue, allowing the protagonist to use it as a control point.

Nippon Ichi Software has also unveiled a limited edition for Yomawari 3, exclusively available on the Japanese site. Priced at 20,000 Japanese yen, the limited edition contains a three-sided box and sleeve with foil stamping, a soundtrack CD, an art book covering concept art for the game, and 10 pin badges with new illustrations.

Yomawari 3 Set to launch on April 21 in Japan for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. No news for a Western release has been revealed at this time.